daydreamshole (daydreamshole) wrote in the7days,

makers suggestions

Here you can switch anon - or not, your choice - and suggest makers to be invited in the comm! Then the mods will vote for each one and decide!

Comments are screened!

[makers accepted already in alphabetical order]
12feethigh 24_amends
a_thari absofruitly absolutelybatty adina_mpj afeastforme ai1610 airymaze ale_skyz alfiri alice_trip alisea_dream an_aiko appleindecay applepips16 [Bad username: astrokittie <lj user=] biliki blaqkchief blue_emotion boxed burntheflaws bussbuss
calikalie cb_janey charmingthrone ciudad
dashberlin daynawashere deadwillwalk delorentoes deternot
elleaf emiv ofthesea endearest erzsebet
fadedpresence fan_cifully fancifull far_to_nowhere feel_the_fire regis fouroux gallicka frickkonastick fulminant fuuurs
giulsss goreplz gracerevealed
hauntes heartoutofstone hopeitallaway hovercarracer
imaginary_lives in_the_end incandescent ionizable iulieki
jokermary jsfunction juanxyo julie_izumi justmyb0nes
kasiopeia aeriiths karinmcr pamkips dancelies
lady_kingsley lavanille lazuli_reikou lemonpunch lessrest letsey_x library_of_sex light_ofmy_life likealight liesmiths lu_hesperia lumsx
mancalahour margerydaw_s2 marylou_gr memonechan messdestruction mm3butterfly monstersinyou moonstruckalice motorized
nadya149 naive_astronaut nalazhar naushika neversleeps nna_chan nottiem nyaza
ofraindrops ohgollygeedamn orangelusik outoftime oviedo
petite_tomate phaust_ pointblankdarcy
raiindust rebel rosedamask rowofstars
sarisafari saxify second_love setentpet scoobyatemysnax sheeplover0104 simibacini space_hurricane spiderlin spittingfish spg_spn_girls spud66cat starsburn superjesster swanwingful
takonasu talipuu the_silverdoe theotherayn tilty tinebrella tunaeverynight tuperters adrastea
v_allery val_valerie vampire_sessah vetica vintagic violateraindrop
watching_ghosts wickedgrdn wildpages
yoli_19 yourwintersong youwatchusrun

Tags: !makers suggestions
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