June 15th, 2020

Westworld // The same but different

Challenge 238: Old challenges

I've been swamped at work lately, so I don't have the time or energy to make a new challenge right now, sorry. But this gives you a chance to revisit any old challenge you'd like! Take a look here and choose whichever challenge you want (even the mystery box challenges, just drop a comment at the challenge post if you'd like one). :)

[RULES+TAGS]» you can use any fandom you want
» you have to post seven icons fitting the theme
» your icons must be new, made specifically for this community
» your icons must fit lj standards
» post your icon in a new entry and tag it with "challenge XXX" and your username like this ":username"
» you may change your icons whenever you want before the deadline

» DEADLINE for this challenge is SUNDAY, JUNE 28th, 9pm gmt+1
» please, include this code in your entry (you only need to paste your links in and remove the one space here -> </ textarea>) :