Dorota (xafirah) wrote in the7days,

Challenge 194: From sunrise to sunset

1 - In the Flesh
2, 3, 5, 7 - Taboo
4, 6 - The Walking Dead

Tags: :xafirah, challenge 194
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Taboo icons <3 I love the pale colors on these! Also the crop on 5 and 6 looks great.
I'm currently obsessed with Taboo :) Thanks!
Stunning! Where did you get Taboo caps?
Thanks :)

I got Tom Hardy caps from Brasilian fanpage :) It's a nice selection of screencaps.

Also full episode screencaps can be downloaded here:
Wow, all of these are beautiful! I think my faves are 1 and 6 though. :)
Your muted colorings are always on point! 5 is brilliant, love the texture use and the red that pops out. Also loving the composition on 2 and the extra brightness in 1!